Air Movement and Control Association (ACMA)

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The Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) International are a not-for-profit association of the world's manufacturers of fans, louvers, air curtains, dampers, air flow measurement devices, acoustic attenuators, ducts and other air system components.

AMCA International is the association it is today because, in 1917, competing U.S. fan manufacturers decided to include each other in conversation rather than shut each other out, putting the industry’s long-term well-being ahead of their own short-term victories and established a precedence for integrity.

AMCA CRP Program

The association was founded in the United States, but has expanded to become truly international. AMCA is now represented in several regions, with over 350 member companies in 34 countries. Asia AMCA operates out of Malaysia and European AMCA operates out of Brussels. A Middle East AMCA is in the process of formation, and it will operate out of Dubai.

The AMCA Certified Ratings Program (CRP) was developed in response to a need for validated product performance ratings. Buyers, specifiers, and users of air movement and control devices needed to know they were getting what they paid for. The CRP provides third-party verification of manufacturer data. Only after the product has been tested and the manufacturer’s catalogued ratings have been approved can manufacturers display the AMCA seal for the parameters tested.

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