AMCA Certified Ratings Program (CRP)

The purpose of the AMCA’s certified ratings program is to assure buyers, users and specifiers that manufacturer’s published performance ratings are reliable and accurate. This includes information on how the product was tested and what appurtenances were included during the ratings tests, which allows for proper selection of the air system components to meet required performance specifications.

AMCA's CRP provides the buyer, specifier and user of the Air System Devices assurances that the manufacturers' published performance data have been tested and verified.  It includes performance ratings for Fans, Dampers, Louvers, Shutters, Airflow Measurement Stations, Acoustical Duct Silences, Air Curtains etc.

Furthermore, manufacturers have assurance that competitive ratings are based on standard test methods and procedures that are subject to review by AMCA as an impartial authority. Lastly, manufacturers’ performance ratings are scheduled for check testing based on requirements of the certified product line. These tests are performed in an AMCA laboratory.

AMCA Air Efficiency

A common area of confusion is the difference between a product that is AMCA certified and one that was tested to an AMCA standard. A product that was tested to an AMCA standard is not necessarily an AMCA-certified product.

For certification, AMCA requires that an initial verification check test be performed within a specific time frame after the license appendix is issued. For prototype samples, the test must occur within one year of the license appendix. For production samples and alternate manufactured products, that time frame is three years. After that, verification check tests are performed on a three-year cycle. Once the manufacturer passes consecutive verification tests, the testing interval increases — first to every five years, then to every seven years. If a product line produces unsatisfactory test results, however, it must be check tested every year until it begins to pass consecutive tests.

AMCA Efficiency Performance

The AMCA CRP provides great value to the industry: the accountability of published data.

For that reason, it is important to be informed about the program and to be wary of misrepresentations. Testing in accordance with an AMCA standard does not mean the product is certified, and not all AMCA-certified products necessarily display a seal. What is more, the AMCA CRP has made publicly available the steps to certifying and the consequences for check test failure and non-compliance. The more manufacturers, specifiers and purchasers know about the AMCA CRP, the better for the self-regulated integrity of the industry.

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