Backward Inclined Fans (Radial flow)

backward inclined fans


Unlike the impellers used in high pressure industrial fans, the backward inclined impeller is much wider with a larger fan inlet diameter. This characteristic enables the Backward Inclined industrial fan to produce a lot more air at a relatively high pressure. These industrial fans are widely used in industry for fume and dust extraction, examples can be found in wet spray booths where a higher quantity of air is required to exhaust toxic paint fumes. Morse Air Systems have also installed many of this style of industrial fans for providing cooling to electrical substations and data storage centres.

Backward Inclined Radial flow industrial centrifugal fans cover an extensive range of performance duties. The backward inclined industrial fan impeller designs can be modified to suit a range of running speeds. The backward inclined fan impeller design can also be adapted to suit a double width double inlet industrial fan arrangement. These designs have been typically used in situations that require a large amount of air to be moved in a clean passive environment. This Backward Inclined Radial flow industrial fan design is also referred to as a laminar blade arrangement.