Our Product Range - Fans

At Morse Air Systems we offer a large range of industrial fans. Industrial fans can be classified in various ways such as:

  1. Type, impeller design (eg. Radial blade fan)
  2. Application (eg. Extraction fan)
  3. Performance duty (eg. High pressure blower fan)
  4. Assembly arrangement (eg belt drive fan)

We will consider our product range of industrial fans by both Type and Application. Industrial fan types can also be classed more broadly by the air path through the impeller which there is three main types:

Radial Flow

In a radial flow industrial fan, which is also commonly referred to as a centrifugal fan, the air enters the fan impeller axially then turns through 90 degrees and continues radially outwards through the impeller blades. One main advantage of the centrifugal design is that it can achieve a range of duties and very high pressures. What could be considered a disadvantage of this design is that fan installation can be more involved with the ducting arrangement and would typically take up more space.

Axial Flow

In this industrial fan the air flow is effectively straight through the impeller. The main force of the impeller blade on the air is directed axially from the fan inlet to the fan outlet. One main advantage of an axial flow fan is the relative ease of installation such that the ductwork can be designed to be inline. One disadvantage is that the duty or performance of the industrial fan can be restricted – typically an axial fan is not suitable were the overall air management system has a high pressure requirement.

Mixed Flow

As the name suggest, this type of industrial fan is a combination of the above two types. The air enters axially and then turns through an angle typically varying between 30 and 90 degrees. This industrial fan can be installed inline and achieve greater pressures than a standard axial fan which is the key features of a mixed flow industrial fan type.