Morse Air Systems Further Develops Infrastructure and Facilities Maintenance

Infrastructure and Facilities Maintenance

Management and maintenance of existing major infrastructure and new infrastructure as it comes online is often a hidden, yet critical, engineering task that can often go unnoticed. Morse Air Systems has recently played their part in many large infrastructure projects and ongoing facilities maintenance projects.

As our domestic population continues to grow and there is greater strain put on our existing infrastructure, Morse Air Systems see a continued reliance on infrastructure and facilities maintenance programs to ensure ongoing reliability and to enable the early detection of faults before breakdown, causing unscheduled downtime, and assist commercial and industrial facilities reduce their maintenance costs.

The principle services which we have been able to provide in the infrastructure and facilities maintenance space have been:

  • Specialised consulting engineering and engineering assessment
  • Preventative testing and maintenance programs including data collection and reporting
  • On-site service and installation
  • Fan and air systems energy efficiency audits
  • Project management

Morse Air Systems has recently undertaken further staff training and accreditation, coupled with updated procedure documentation and record keeping, which has enabled them to better service the ever increasing field of infrastructure projects and commercial facilities maintenance.

With our qualified engineering and design staff complimented by our software and design packages we are able to offer a complete air movement and maintenance solution. Morse Air Systems are able to provide a boutique range of flexible services which compliments any large maintenance program, including a full range of onsite services.

Morse Air Systems will continue to invest in our people, our equipment and our business in order to best serve our customers in this market sector.

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